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The Wild Monster Invasion was an event that ran from 10th November to 20th November 2011 (It was formerly November 17,but extended to 20th November due to an additional Bonus Wave). This invasion is the first large-scale wild monster invasion ever hosted and it consists of 30 waves of enemy monsters. There is also 2 bonus waves for players to challenge themselves. During these, if you are hard-pressed to defend yourself, you can surrender, but you will not lose any of your resources, so long as your silos and town hall are not damaged. If you push through, however, you will be awarded a Victory Totem Pole. A notable part of this is the new monster seen in wave 11 and beyond - what can only be described as an orange, flaming monster that somewhat resembles a Pokey, this monster was also seen in Wild Monster Invasion 2 and he later became known as Spurtz. You will also see several champion monsters: in the lower levels a level 1 Drull, then a mid-level Gorgo, then a level 6 Drull. At the Bonus round you will see multiple level 6 champions. Also, the 2nd bonus wave you will be able to see two more Inferno Monsters named "Zagnoid" and "Sabnox".
WMI monsters

Zagnoid (Left) Sabnox (Middle) Spurtz (Right)

On December 8, Wild Monster Invasion 2 was announced. It will feature all new monsters including Spurtz, Zagnoid, Sabnox and more. It will commence on December 15.


Wave Monsters Prize
1 5 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes Victory Totem Pole


2 5 40px-BoltBolts

4 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes

3 5 40px-PokeyPokeys

5 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes

4 10 40px-PokeyPokeys

10 40px-BoltBolts

5 10 40px-FinkFinks -
6 5 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes

2 40px-FinkFinks

7 50 40px-BoltBolts

10 40px-IchiIchis

8 40 40px-PokeyPokeys

8 40px-FinkFinks

9 10 40px-FinkFinks

10 40px-BoltBolts

10 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes

10 40px-PokeyPokeys

10 8 40px-FinkFinks

8 40px-IchiIchis

Victory Totem Pole

Upgrade 1

11 10 40px-FinkFinks

5 Spurtz AnimationSpurtz

12 32 40px-IchiIchi

60 40px-Bandito Banditos

13 120 40px-IchiIchi

64 40px-BanditoBanditos

14 80 40px-Ichi Ichi

120 40px-BanditoBanditos

40 40px-FangFangs

15 20 40px-Ichi Ichis

15 40px-FangFangs

16 20 40px-BanditoBanditos

20 40px-FangFangs

17 24 40px-IchiIchis

36 40px-BanditoBanditos

15 40px-FangFangs

18 50 40px-BanditoBandito

25 40px-FangFangs

19 40 40px-Ichi Ichis

40 40px-FangFangs

60 40px-BanditoBanditos

20 10 40px-Eye-raEye-ras

10 40px-BanditoBanditos

10 40px-CrabatronCrabatrons

10 40px-Project XProject X

1Drull LvL 1 L1 Drull

Victory Totem Pole

Upgrade 2

21 30 Wormzer LabSplash Wormzer

12 Spurtz AnimationSpurtz

1 Drull LvL 1L1 Drull

22 10 Brain InvisibilityInvisible Brains

20 40px-Octo-oozeOcto-oozes

1Gorgo 3 L3 Gorgo

23 6 40px-ZafreetiZafreeti

40 40px-IchiIchis

24 25 40px-PokeyPokeys

25 40px-IchiIchis

15 40px-BanditoBanditos

10 40px-CrabatronCrabatron

5 40px-D.A.V.E.D.A.V.E.

25 30 Wormzer LabWormzers (L6, Splash 3)

30 Eye-Ra AirburstEye-ras (L6, Airburst 3)

30 Brain InvisibilityBrains (L6, Invisibility 3)

30 Teleportation BoltBolts (L6, Teleportation 3)

30 Fang VenomFangs (L6, Venom 3)

30 Bandito WhirlwindBanditos (L6, Whirlwind 3)

30Fink Claws Finks (L6, Claws 3)

26 40Eye-Ra Airburst Airbust Eye-ras (L6, Airburst 3)

50 Spurtz AnimationSpurtz (L6)

1 40px-Drull 6L6 Drull

27 3040px-Teratorn Teratorns -
28 80 Project-X Acid SporesProject Xs (Level 6) Spores lvl 3

80 Wormzer LabWormzers (Level 6) Splash Damage lvl 3

29 40D.A.V.E Rockets! D.A.V.E.s (Level 6) Rockets lvl 3 -
30 30 Wormzer LabWormzers (Level 6) Splash damage lvl 3

30D.A.V.E Rockets! D.A.V.E.s (Level 6) Rockets lvl 3

10 40px-ZafreetiZafreetis (Level 5)

1 40px-Fomor 6Fomor (Level 6)

Victory Totem Pole

Upgrade 3


(Bonus 1)

3 Lv.6 40px-Drull 6Drulls

1 Lv.5 40px-Fomor 6Fomor

1 Lv.6 40px-Gorgo 6Gorgo

45 40px-TeratornTeratorns

30 D.A.V.E Rockets!Rocket D.A.V.E.s

30 40px-CrabatronCrabatrons

12 40px-ZafreetiZafreetis

120 Spurtz Animation Spurtz

Victory Totem Pole

(Golden Totem Pole)


(Bonus 2)

16040px-ZagnoidEnraged Zagnoid

80 Wormzer LabEnraged Wormzers

80 Sabnox AnimationEnraged Sabnox

20 TeratornEnraged Teratorns

Victory Totem Pole

(Black Diamond Totem Pole)

(Some of the numbers of monsters in the waves are only approximate)


  • If monsters are coming one way and you don't want them to come that way click 'Surrender', and click the arrow again. They will most likely come in a different way. A faster way to know what is in your next wave is to mouseover the "Next wave" meter, but do NOT click. If you want to return your yard to the state it was before the wave was unleashed, just reload/refresh the page (NOTE: this only works if BYM saves the game data slowly enough).
  • Between waves 1-10 the monsters come from one direction mostly. So far the waves after that the monsters come from all directions with no indication of a pattern.

The first champion appears at wave 20.

New Monsters

New monsters like Spurtz, Zagnoid and Sabnox are featured in the Wild Monster Invasion. They can be unlocked in your Inferno base using the strongbox.


  • The indicated monsters that will attack your yard in the next wave is sometimes incorrect. eg. "Next Wave: 23 of 30 (6 Zafreeti, 60 Crabatrons)", and there will only be Ichis and Zafreeti, no Crabatrons.
  • If your computer runs slowly, you could lose your champion in the final rounds. (It will disappear for the duration of the round)

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