Ways To Stall PPX 1.Microchip: As shown here, this type of base will stall PPX severely.This makes the Project X walk a certain distance between defensive towers.

2.Type Of Yard: Yard style will strongly affect PPX. Good designs such as the Wyrm, Spread, and Microchip (mentioned above) will stall PPX.


3. Pokeys, Bolts & Octo-oozes: Since these can be made lighting fast, put them in your Monster Bunkers.This will therefore make the Project Xs waste time killing each Pokey, Octo-ooze or Bolt.

4. Champions: Gorgo = Ultimate PPX Staller (due to his high health).

Drull: Will stall PPX for a VERY short time due to his low health, but it may be able to kill a Project X or two before your enemy gets to catapult the 10m Putty Rage.

Fomor Level -2: Will die EXTREMELY quickly due to the high damage of Project X's.

Fomor Level 3+: No worry, unless the PPX is accompanied by Rocket D.A.V.E.s, another Fomor, Teratorns, or Eye-Ras with Airburst.

5. Create a NEC (never-ending chain) around you core, but from a distance. That way the Project Xs will go around your core, attacking your defenses and will probably destroy only half of your defenses (depending on the level and the fortification of your towers).


1. Never make a box yard with everything on the inside. PPX vs. Box Yard = Ultimate Destruction.

2. Spread Designs such as the The Mass Spread Donut can work...but REALLY spreading it out = Win/Fail

3. Don't clump your defenses together, as this will enable the Project Xs to quickly destroy a lot of defenses.

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