So far, Vorg and Zafreeti are the only healing monsters.

Here are a few pros and cons of Vorg compared to Zafreeti:


  • Vorg has the ability to splash heal monsters, which greatly improves his worth and helpfulness - especially if you are using tank monsters or a mob.
  • 3 Vorgs have 20 less housing space than one Zafreeti and are much cheaper as well.
  • Vorg pairs well with hordes of monsters. Since they're cheaper, they are much easier to produce in large numbers.
  • Vorgs are much faster than Zafreeti at lvl 2 making it able to catch up with high speed monsters like lvl 6 Teratons.


  • Although Vorgs are not able to handle high level monsters like D.A.V.E. But using a lot of vorgs are very useful.
  • Vorg has fairly low health, and they can be taken down very easily by towers if not defended.


Name: Airbone Medics

Monsters: Vorgs, Teratons

Optional: Drull, Gorgo, Krallen, Korath and other land monsters.

Recommended: Fomor

A good strategy is to pair up Vorgs and Teratons with Fomor 3+. In recent testing, against Strongholds, Resource Outposts and other high lvl bases 40+. Vorgs are very using when healing ~35 Teratons while they take dmg and while Fomor gives reduced dmg. 17 lvl 2 Vorgs are able to heal 35 lvl 3 Teratons with Fomor while they take dmg.

The Problem is that if the Vorgs are left defenseless, they whole team WILL fail cause no healers are alive. Making sure the Vorgs are behind the Teraton or Fomor is extremely important to the destruction of the enemy you are attacking.

This Strategy is proven to work 95%. If Daves with rockets are in enemy bunkers then you might want to get rid of them as fast as you can.

One of the Cons to this strategy is that if you fling any land monsters while Teratons are fighting. The vorgs will heal the land monsters instead of the Teratons and Fomor will move to the land monsters because of his AI. Also the Vorgs will expose themselves most of the times to sniper towers and other defensive buildings


(NOTE:Vorg are defenseless, but flexible and able to heal any monsters but are most effective with Teratons.)

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