Yo Guys!

Just wanted to talk about the WMI2 Monsters

" They ALL probably have counterparts ... "

Basically, the monsters here probably have a counterpart with the original monsters. See that Spurtz is Pokey-ish and nearly as strong as Pokey. Sabnox and Zagnoid could be Octo-ooze, Ichi, or Crabatron (depending on how strong they were in the WMI) As you see in the WMI2 Banner and RSVP note, there is a Flying Monster (Teratorn's counterpart) and some big monster with bloody arms which look like some rocket launcher or any weapon (which is probably D.A.V.E.'s counterpart due to the Rockets ability) and they might also have some Healer monster (like Zafreeti) but I would totally hate the fact that they might have some buff monster (like Fomor) and worse ... they have Champions

Well, I totally expect Spurtz in the first wave. Sabnox and Zagnoid in the next few waves. And also, it was said that there would be new unreleased monsters, Cloc and Mon, which might appear in the WMI2. Right now, I just wonder what they might look like and what they do. The thing is this ...

" We Gotta Pwn Them Monstersh To Lil' Bits "

Defensive Upgrades, Yard Planning and stuff. That's what I'm doing in preparation for this WMI.
Vinzy 17  Talk  Contribs  Backyard Monsters  13:58,12/9/2011  

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