Heya dudes (whoever's reading this thanks for following my blog posts)

So again I still hate the fact that the Champion Chamber came late, but I don't have a problem about it. So I just got my Gorgo to level 6 this morning. Alsomy DAVE was level 6 and my Teratorn level 4 for some reason they all finished 2 hours apart. Right now I'm leveling my Fomor to 6 (YEAH!!). The thing I hate was ... I juiced my Drull and Fomor before I got Gorgo and if ever they had the Chamber back then I got all of them level 6. But anyways 45, well actually, 43 days til level 6 Fomor (because I fed my Fomor twice before). After that It's Drull time. I just looted Kozu with 20 Teratorns 3 Zafs and my Fomor and I was like ... WHOA ... I miss my Fomor back then (It was level 5 when I juiced it). In less then 3 minutes I cleared Kozu ... I stripped him off of his reso BAZINGGA! Loot was more or less 5 million each except goo (as usual) In less than 2 days I'd get my level 3 Rockets done so I'd level my Ricochet to level 2. Well that's all for now...
Vinzy 17  Talk  Contribs  Backyard Monsters  09:09,12/7/2011  

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