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    Gone for a while...

    December 18, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya guys!

    So you guys might've noticed that I've been gone for a while. One reason I can't log in with facebook (it got some error and the pop-up won't ... pop up which logs me in) so I've been editting as a random contributor. Another is that I've got stuff to discuss with the family so less time for the wiki and more time with them with stuff that I won't talk about and you know why. Third is that I was with my relatives for some time ... Christening, birthdays those sorts. And the last ... I was sort of on a vacation (that's what I feel like calling it but I believe it's not yet my vacation lolz). So expect that I'd be here now and fixing some more pages, fixing the templates (recently fixed the monsters template) and checking pages fo…
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  • Vinzy 17

    WMI2 Monsters

    December 9, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Yo Guys!

    Just wanted to talk about the WMI2 Monsters

    Basically, the monsters here probably have a counterpart with the original monsters. See that Spurtz is Pokey-ish and nearly as strong as Pokey. Sabnox and Zagnoid could be Octo-ooze, Ichi, or Crabatron (depending on how strong they were in the WMI) As you see in the WMI2 Banner and RSVP note, there is a Flying Monster (Teratorn's counterpart) and some big monster with bloody arms which look like some rocket launcher or any weapon (which is probably D.A.V.E.'s counterpart due to the Rockets ability) and they might also have some Healer monster (like Zafreeti) but I would totally hate the fact that they might have some buff monster (like Fomor) and worse ... they have Champions

    Well, I total…

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  • Vinzy 17

    I Gotz Fomor ... Again!

    December 7, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya dudes (whoever's reading this thanks for following my blog posts)

    So again I still hate the fact that the Champion Chamber came late, but I don't have a problem about it. So I just got my Gorgo to level 6 this morning. Alsomy DAVE was level 6 and my Teratorn level 4 for some reason they all finished 2 hours apart. Right now I'm leveling my Fomor to 6 (YEAH!!). The thing I hate was ... I juiced my Drull and Fomor before I got Gorgo and if ever they had the Chamber back then I got all of them level 6. But anyways 45, well actually, 43 days til level 6 Fomor (because I fed my Fomor twice before). After that It's Drull time. I just looted Kozu with 20 Teratorns 3 Zafs and my Fomor and I was like ... WHOA ... I miss my Fomor back then (It …
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  • Vinzy 17

    Something I hate

    December 3, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    One thing I hate other than vandalisers vandalising everything (even those on the walls of the streets and stuff) ... When the internet connection just starts to go nuts ... For example I was playing Backyard Monsters then suddenly I lost the connection while I was attacking Kozu and I destroyed the TOWN HALL instead of getting let's say 4 mil from it, I just got like 1.5 mil .... Same goes with other on line games .... I just wonder why it's like that for now .... We don't have any problems .... We pay on time .... They say they have monthly fixes in their systems (the IP) so maybe it's the thing causing the problem ... anyways when I edit here .... It's still here YAY

    vinz(^^,)y17 15:44, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Vinzy 17

    Sleeping Helps...

    November 30, 2011 by Vinzy 17

    Heya People!

    For some reason as I was looking through the yards of the members of our alliance, i suddenly fell asleep. And I nearly slept over my mom's laptop 'O' I got totally bored ... As I look through one yard I was like, Dude I could totally catapult those bunkers, teslas, lasers, and snipers of yours. they're clumped together man! If only he was in my range, even if he was part of the alliance I could've looted him hahaha Anyways I don't plan on doing so. I feel dizzy. My vision was all swirly like mixing chocolate syrup onto vanilla ice cream. Nice. Early in the morning. Gotta do some work then I'm gonna sleep, if ever I have time to do so. Too much reverts, updates, fixes, rowspan and whatever I need a rest. And all I would say is ..…
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