Before I begin...

I'm not going to lie, the wiki is pretty messy at this point. Pages are cluttered, full of bias, and contain a lot of information that simply isn't needed. This blog post isn't meant to target or offend anyone, and it's only made to help the wiki out. So, now that that's out of the way, let's begin.

How to make the wiki better

  1. Go through pages to fix spelling and grammar! A big problem for the Backyard Monsters wiki is the grammatical errors. They make the wiki look unclean and unproffesional. If you ever have extra time, go through a few pages and try to fix them.
  2. Remove bias! The summary for this is pretty much the same as my previous one.
  3. Tips go in the article's tips page! There have been far too many occasions when people post opinionated tips in the building/monster's main page (eg. "____ works really well with Zafreeti, and should be paired with Fomor for maximum effectiveness"). If you see a tip on an article's main page that seems accurate and useful, move it to the tips page.
  4. Remove information that's not needed! People don't need to know stuff in the trivia regarding something's appearance, they can see it for themselves. They also don't need to know stuff like "Grokus is the only monster with a name that starts with G". Information like that clutters the wiki and prevents people from gathering information they need. You can help this by removing stuff from pages that is generally obvious or unneeded.

Tips for editing

  1. DO NOT write from a first person perspective. This is an informative wiki, not a personal blog
  2. DO NOT add information you're usnure about. We don't want to decieve anyone
  3. DO NOT contribute to the problem we're trying to solve. This means any problem I mentioned in "How to make the wiki better".
  4. TRY writing an edit in a program like Microsoft Word to check your spelling and grammar.

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