So. You love backyard monsters, or are at least interested in it. Why else would you be on this wiki? I dunno. 

Allow me to indulge myself for a moment as I play the role of salesman and tell you why it's the best.


  • 4 resource types. Normally this is a hinderence, as you need 3 or sometimes all 4 resources to build something, but in BYM each resource has a specific job. Twigs are used to upgrade pebbles, pebbles are used to upgrade twigs, and both of them are used to build and upgrade stuff in general, including your town hall. Putty is used to upgrade monsters and a little bit of it is used to upgrade and build defences, as well as your townhall. It's also used for fortifications (I think). Goo is used to create monsters to attack other players. There are various other uses for each of the above recourses, such as catapult ammo, but they're too numerous to list here.
  • Buildings that change appearence as you upgrade them. Now, I know that almost every other game has this, but BYM does a beautiful job of it. I don't know how to describe it, but if you've played the game, you'll know what I'm talking about. Often when I upgrade a building, it's not to recieve the increased production, but to make it look better.
  • Every building (I'm pretty sure) has a 50% damaged animation. This is something that no game, as far as I'm aware, has. It gives a visual, as well as audio, effect to ransacking someone elses base. Also it just looks amazing, and every animation makes sense (it's tilted over, damaged, smoke's coming out, etc.)
  • Towers do less damage at less health. This is something that I think is also unique to BYM. It makes perfect sense - if you have 10 snipers in a tower, and 5 of them get killed (50% health) shouldn't the tower do half damage? Yes. Yes it should. And yet no other game has implemented this. Why? Becuase they're bad, and BYM is awesome.
  • There's a renewable "paid currency" (shiny) revenue. In the form of mushrooms, you can get shiny without having to pay a cent. Other games have implemented this, like Boom Beach, but BYM was out way before Boom Beach, and probably the other games that did that.
  • A whole 'nother WORLD. Again, unique to BYM, Inferno adds more content to the game without making it seem like it's there just to be a content booster. The way you unlock inferno, by first fending of waves of monsters and then destroying outpost after outpost where mechanics like air poisining and housing-monster-bunkers come into play - the only time they're ever seen - is creative and fun to play. Inferno adds 4 new resources, new towers, and new monsters. The best part is, YOU CAN PLAY ALL OF THEM IN THE OVERWORLD. Quake towers, Magma towers, all the monsters - now you can make your base even more unbeatable with the addition of new defenses. Some people may complain that it forces you to go to inferno to progress past a certain point in the game, but I think it's a genius idea, flawlessly excecuted. Except for a couple of flaws, which I'll talk about below.
  • Outposts. This is a creative way of boosting your recourse production while battling other players for the same privelege. Different level outposts, outpost defenders, strongholds, wild monster yards - all of it is really fun to play and, usually, destroy.
  • Attacking in the map. In order to expand your attack range, you have to upgrade your flinger. You can then take over other things, like outposts, to attack places even farther away. This forces players to establish domains of control, and makes it harder for players to conquer the whole map. You also become farmiliar with the players around you, isntead of seeing a player's outpost who's base is on the other side of the map. This adds to the "Neighbors, enemies, and allies" theme. Yes, I just made that up.
  • Yard expansions and asthetics. Yard expansion is a wierd concept, and I consider it kind of neutral - neither good or bad for BYM. As you progress into the game, you'll buy bigger and bigger yards, which is a nice thing, but it also encourages PTW (pay to win) which I'm against. It wouldn't be a problem except, at some point, you kind of have to buy a yard expansion to fit everything into your yard. Asthetics, however, are a different matter - optional things that spruce up your base. Now that's the kinds stuff I'm into. If you've already upgraded everything, and shiny is just piling up, why not make your yard look awesome?


As much as I love BYM, every game has thorns and roses. Fortunately this game has more of the latter. Here are some of the former, however:

  • Sniper towers, Cannon towers, and every other tower that's appearence doesn't change with leveling. Kiyexe. Come on. Would it really be that hard? Just one appearence change per tower. That's all I want. You've already done 3 or 4 for every other building, and when attacking other yards you can't tell what level their towers are becuase there's no appearence change. Grrrr.
  • Attacking. Now in general, I've got no problem with attacking. You fling in some monsters, watch them destroy a base, and you're done. However, I do have one issue.
  1. I can't see what level things are when attacking. Now, if you'd just fix the above problem, this wouldn't be so much of an issue. In any case, I'd still like the option to click on something and have it tell me its level and name.
  • Random crashes. Ugh, I hate random crashes. The "oops, something broke" message is just really annoying and happens for no discernable reason, other than a theory proposed by agorock that you have to destroy a building withing 22 seconds or you'll be kicked. Really Kiyexe? 
  • All of the other little bugs in the game and visual glitches. The really big bug is the above issue, and for a complete list you can go here. be honest, that's all I can think of. I know there's more, lurking in the back of my mind, I just can't grab them.    Especially more thorns. There's always more thorns. Little things that, when added together, really nag me. 

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