So, I'm relatively new to the wiki and am unsure of the way things run around here, despite being an admin. I want to change that :D I have a horde of questions to ask - for instance, should I have made a blog post (the one you're looking at right now) or asked these questions directly on xKevin's profile? So, here are my questions:

I've seen a lot of pages around the wiki that have outdated information - for instance, the cost to take over an outpost in MR2. Because this information is outdated, should it be removed, or kept for nostalgia purposes? I don't want to remove something that later turns out you wanted to have on the wiki.

What, exactly, is the difference between an admin and a bureaucrat? My basic understanding of it is that bureaucrats can demote and promote admins, and they command more respect among the community-as well as being in charge of the wiki-but is there more to it than that? Also, can there ever be more than one bureaucrat at the same time?

I've seen a lot of talk (from about 2 years ago, but still) about merging the 2 wikis, that are both about backyard monsters.  When I look up "backyard monsters wiki" on google, however, both of the wikis come up. My understanding was that, after all of the admins, bureaucrats, information, etc. had been moved over to one wiki, the other one would be taken down. Is that wrong, has the switch just not happened yet, or has another plan been made that involves keeping both wikis up?

What level of control do the Admins have? I'd assume that you would want the inexperienced ones (aka, me) to follow the lead of more experienced ones and not make huge changes to the core structure of the wiki. I looked at your "Guidelines for admins and bureaucrats", and will try to adhere to those rules, if nothing else.

Talking of seniority in the wiki, who would you say is the "second in command" in the wiki (below xKevin, of course)? If xKevin's not here, who should I ask for help?

What level of cussing is tolerated? What should be the ban time for cussing? I probably won't make any bans myself until I know what I'm doing or receive approval from you, so if I come across anyone breaking the rules I'll make a ban recommendation, instead of actually banning them.

If I think of any more, I'll add them onto this page. Thanks for the help, and the promotion to admin!

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