This week we will talk about Fomor.

General Information

Fomor is used as one of the greatest champs ever known to be gotten for free (aka without hardwork). 2 out of 3 players pick Fomor as their best champ. People like Fomor for a couple of things, one of these are that it is the only flying monster, and it's a support champion(a champion best used in groups of monsters).It is also best used in Aerial Assaults and Fomor Bombs.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a "flying champion", by means it can't be attacked by Drull, Gorgo, and Korath(without Breath of Fire)
  • It can "buff" other near monsters(even on bunkers)
  • It is best used with Bombs
  • It has the least monsters needed on feeding


  • It is the champion that has the lowest damage.
  • It is a support champion, it will follow and attack whatever the monster being buffed is attacking.

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