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  • Bio I've been gaming since playing Crash Bandicoot: Warped at 6 years old, and my favorite game of all time is now Metal Gear Solid 3, while my favorite series is Final Fantasy. I've also been wiki-ing since a long time, so you'll find me writing and coding throughout the site.
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  • Technobliterator


    December 11, 2010 by Technobliterator

    Hi there, I'm Technobliterator. You may know me from other wikis (Jak & Daxter wiki, SporeWiki), but I'm here to check this place out. i am familiar with backyard monsters, and one thing I noticed is that the wiki isn't very good with temapltes. i'm familiar with coding and it's my strong point, so I'd like to help there. While I do need adminship powers if I can help in that area. So, I'll leave it to the admins to decide. if yes i can start work on infoboxes & navboxes straight away!

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