Note: This is for Noobs who dunno what is an NEC or badly placed NECs

What is a NEC?

A NEC stands for Never Ending Chain. A NEC consists of a circle of General Buildings around the core. A NEC is a nightmare for your anything monsters(example:D.A.V.E.), distracting them.

Type of NECs

NEC: The most-seen NEC because you don't get loot from these buildings.

NECoRG: Never Ending Chain of Resource Gatherers(Harvesters). The second most popular NEC. Was used for defending PIBs(Puttied Invisible Brains, outdated) or PG(Puttied Grokus) and Krallen.

NECoB: Never Ending Chain of Blocks. In pure words, lure blocks. A yard MUST have a NECoB in their yard or it isn't a yard(just kidding, it will make your base vulnerable to eye-ras)

NECoT: Never Ending Chain of Towers. NECoT works well against PPX(don't need to explain) or PS(Puttied Sabnox) because of its spread design.


ARGoH: Annoying Resource Gatherers of Horror. Used widely and it is a must-have for outposts. Basically looking like giving resources to others, but actually,(BOOM) a booby trap will be placed in front of every RG.

DamN: Dam NEC. Basically an NEC without gaps. Best for preventing monsters to chew your NEC.

(actually too complicated, see here.)

CoFA(By The Dog Named JAKE): Chain of Forever After. Always used in wide yards. An NEC combining all the NECs altogether.

Why you need a NEC?

You need an NEC because it's important. You don't want your yard be D.A.V.E. or Pokey Bombed, right?

How to make a NEC?


  1. Put your neutral buildings(All buildings except towers and things you get loot from AND THE HOUSING.)at the rim.
  2. Make them in a circle.
  3. If you want to prevent Eye-ras make a ring of blocks there.(BD blocks recommended)
  4. Volia! Done!

Attacking NECs

First, send in some Pokeys accompanied by a Fomor. Break though about 1/4-1/2 of the NEC.

Second, safely send in the anything monsters to wreck harvoc.

Protecting NECs

You don't want your NEC being chewed up without the enemy taking damage?

You Can:

Make an NECoT inside the NEC(Warning: No ADTs)

Demolish your NEC and make something useful.

~To be continued~


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Scare your Enemies by using NECs!

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