This week, we will talk about King Wormzer.

Gerenal Information

King Wormzer is widely known for its staggering splash damage and its stats.(More than a D.A.V.E.) It is used to be the equivalent of D.A.V.E. in the inferno. It is also famous for the bunker combo 'Splash Raid', along with eye-ra. It is also the most expensive non-champion monster in the game. Its housing stats and production time is lower than D.A.V.E. but D.A.V.E. poccesses Rockets and KW poccesses Splash Damage.

Pros and Cons

Pros: It is a overpowered monster, because its stats are more than a D.A.V.E.. This brings joy to players because they have 1 more choice besides D.A.V.E., making it an overpowered monster.

Cons: It makes players hard to defend and the magma costs are BIG.(425000)

Best against


Spread Designs

Breaking SDT and THDTs

Bad against

High CF


Another compound full of KWs

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