• Shandodd

    Moving Servers

    December 18, 2011 by Shandodd

    This may have been answered before and I am sorry if it has, I really need some help. I searched all around and couldn't find a direct answer. On the Map Room 1 of course it listed my husband and my two sons. We have all changed over to the Map Room 2 and wanted to create an Alliance and move locations so we were all by one another. But I seem to be in another world LOL. Literally! They have all added each other and moved but it does not even give them the option to select me to invite. Now as I read on I am seeing there really are other servers. I did the 0x0 jump and confirmed we are on two different servers. How can I get on his server if he can't invite me, is there a way? I have seen that I can delete my map room and try agaiā€¦

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