I just figured something out! The damage, health and speed of all the monsters in Wild Monster Invasion 2 (also in 1) are 10% lower than they actualy are. :)

I figuered that out by doing some tests with the Wild Monster Baiter, and made some calculations. It ended up showing that all the NPC monsters, that attack your base have their attack damage, health and speed decressed exactly by 10% (Please, don't ask me how I calculated it, it's 99% accurate...).

And soooo... I was thinking maybe the D/H/S of the monsters in WMI 2 is also decresed, since the damages that they're dealing are quite strange (Spurtz 108, Zagnoid 72, and so on...). But, if you count those damages to be only 90% of the actual damage, the numbers get a lot nicer when you calculate the last 10% and add it to 90%.

Take Spurtz for example! 108 damage seems quite strange, right? But what if that is only 90% of the damage? In that case, the last 10% of the damage is 12 (calculate that with the simple cross calculation). And if you add 12 to 108, you get the actual damage = 120 :)

This is just my theory, and I'm not sure if I'm right, but than again... the numbers are realy nice (Zagnoid gets exactly 80 damage, Malphus exactly 100, and more...)

Things seem to be a lot more logical now, huh? :)

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