Hello again!

Ok. This time, I would like to talk about the strategy pages on our wiki. Ther is so many of them, and some are not even categorized. Almost every week, I discover some new page with strategies, because there is so many of them (proboably because a lot of users make their own page, explaining their own base layout).

It is all messed up already on the first page of category Strategies. For example, we have two almost similar pages, just with different names:

Sorry, but what is the difference??? And then, there is a whole bunch of separated pages, that say how specific is the yard they have. I think that we should create three new pages and only link those 3 to the Strategies page:

  • Attack Strategies (bombs, PPX, faming, and so on...)
  • Defending Strategies (types of yards, pathing, SDT/THDT, and so on...)
  • Event Strategies (trojan horse, WMI 1 and 2, Inferno maybe,...)
  • + maybe a page Other strategies (strategies that are cannot be placed anywhere above, like BFNP, Monster Strategies, Simple Tips for players, and so on...)

In each of those three pages, there would be further links to the separated pages like Four Pillars base, Quadrant base, bombs, tutorials for building bases and so on. That would lead to better view at all the pages, and so there would not be any more problems with too many pages. Anyone could simply add their own strategy page and post a link to it in the Attack/Defensive strategies page.

That seems lika a good idea to me, as I would realy like this wiki to be as good as possible.

And what do you think? Have a nice day and smell ya l8r! :D

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