Sup Yall!?

So there is this new Monster Madness event. Pretty cool stuff. As you proboably heard, this new monster, Korath, is a Champion monster, meaning he is probably quite powerfull. There is even a rumour that it has the ability to enrage fellow monsters like the ones we saw in WMI 2 (Enrage is similar to Fomor's Buff).

How do we get Korath??? :S

Kixeye decided to make things more difficult this time. If you want to capture Korath, you will need to take over some Outposts in World Map (that requires Map Room level 2). Each Outpost you take over then gives you some %-points in the new Korath Barin the lower left corner of the gamescreen, depending on how high the level of the Outpost you took over was.

Korath Bar

Korath Bar as displayed in the game

For example, if you take over an Outpost from a level 43 player, it will give you more % in the bar than if you take over one from a level 35 player.

And then, the higher the %, the higher chance you have to actualy encounter Korath. How the encounter looks, I don't know, so don't even ask me... I will post anothe blog after I capture him anyway :)

...if I catch him... -.-

Ahmmm... Ok. So I hope this clears some things up about the questions how to capture Korath. Get yourself a World Map and start taking over Outposts, thats all I can realy say to you :)

Hope you get your own Korath! Hava a nice day and Smell Ya L8r! :D

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