So as you might noticed, the Inferno is comming at us at full speed. There is alot of rumours going on about it, and some of them might be trought.

For example, I heard that there will be a brand new underground base for each player. That seems logical, as there are already some pictures of new buildings that we will be able to build in the new underground base. The new buildings seem quite cool to me.
Sulfur Swirler

Sulfur Swirler is one of the buildings that we will be able to build in the underground

However, I still can't amagine how Kixeye will manage to make a new underground map room. Will it be same as above, just with other wild tribes (Moloch maybe?)? will you be able to build outposts? Some people say that the map room is going to be similar to the one above, just that this one will have lava instead of water.

Another thing im concerned about is monsters. If the only monsters we will be able to build will be the ones we've seen in the Wild Monster Invasion 2, that would, excuse me, suck. Those monsters are, at least for me, in most cases useless.

Take Valgos for example. Its just like eye-ra, just it doesn't make a suicide. Will it be usefull for attacking? Well, unless the opponent has no blocks, no. Another monster like this is, in my opinion, Balthazar. Ok, it is quite unique in attacing opponents monsters and champions, but it has one major weakness; it can be hit with ground towers, although it is a flying monster. I mean how bad is that? Malphus and Grokus are just like Brain and Bolt, wich are in most cases underused, even in early game. As for King Wormzer, well, unless his goo cost is quite cheep, and id does't take too mush housing space, he is just like D.A.V.E.

And so, the most usefull monster, at least in my opinion, has to be Sabnox, as he is fast and has quite high damage, not to mantion his ability, wich makes him ranged monster like D.A.V.E. The only weakness it has is low health, wich can be removed with putty rage (just remember WMI2...).

And what do you think? Anyway, have a nice day, and smell ya l8r :)

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