Hello guys!

So! The BIG update has finally come, huh? It really is something, this Inferno thing :) I love the fact that something is actualy happening in the game after some long time without updates (if we forget about Wild Monster Invasion 2...).

As you probably figured out yourself, Moloch has opened his portal to the undergroudnd on our yards. The building is called Inferno Cavern, and you will probably be able to find it on the upper left of your yard (if, of course, you have Town Hall level 5 or higher). As soon as you defeat the last of Moloches attacks, you will be able to attack his underground bases.

Inside che Cavern

This is how the inside of Inferno Cavern looks when you first open it.

There is 13 underground bases, and the level of towers, resource gatherers and all other building increses with going deeper underground. You have to destroy all of those bases in order to be able to build your own Inferno base. I have already defeated all of them, and now I have my own Inferno yard...

This will appear after you destroy all 13 of Molochs bases.

I'm level 17 now. It's quite cool that we are able to build all those new monsters, and see all those new buildings. One thing that is obvious, is that all the buildings in Inferno are like twins to the ones in the upper backyard. Bone Cruncher replaces Twig snaper, Sulfur Swirler replaces Putty Squisher, Strongbox replaces Monster Locker and so on. Furthermore, the new buildings cost exactly the same as their twins. For example, a level 1 Pebble Shiner costs 750 Twigs, and its underground twin, Coal Extractor, costs 750 Bones to build too. There are also four new resources in Inferno:

  • Bones - replacing Twigs
  • Coal - replacing Pebbles
  • Sulfur - replacing Putty
  • Magma - replacing Goo

Ok. So Inferno is cool. But there is one major problem that realy annoys me; there is only one Worker available! I really hope they add some more workers soon (even if we have to buy them with shiny, I don't care), as base expansion is realy slow now. It's just like having another slowly evolving Outpost. That is, at least for me, very disturbing...

Anyways... I realy like the new update, and I hope that Inferno will soon become bigger and better! :D

Have a nice day, and smell ya l8r! :)

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