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  • PokeyMookey

    Sup Yall!?

    So there is this new Monster Madness event. Pretty cool stuff. As you proboably heard, this new monster, Korath, is a Champion monster, meaning he is probably quite powerfull. There is even a rumour that it has the ability to enrage fellow monsters like the ones we saw in WMI 2 (Enrage is similar to Fomor's Buff).

    Kixeye decided to make things more difficult this time. If you want to capture Korath, you will need to take over some Outposts in World Map (that requires Map Room level 2). Each Outpost you take over then gives you some %-points in the new Korath Barin the lower left corner of the gamescreen, depending on how high the level of the Outpost you took over was. For example, if you take over an Outpost from a level 43 player,…

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  • PokeyMookey

    Hey there!

    Ok, where should I start... In the last few weeks alot of things changed in BYM. Kixeye has made lot of updates. Some of them are good, and some of them are... well... not that good.

    Lets check whats new:

    I dunno why here are another 2 buildings that need Inferno resources to build. In my opinion, at least the weapons should have the cost in twigs/pebbles/putty. Personaly, I haven't even tried using those weapons. Reason: I really don't care about them.

    • Marilyn Monstroe: This is actualy the only usefull Chaos Weapon I see, and the reason is that it can clear monsters in Monster Bunkers out of the way in no time. It is a thing that makes Eye-ras completely useless.
    • Candy Jars: It would be cool if your monsters could actually attack the…

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  • PokeyMookey

    Wazzup madafukazz! :D

    What's good!? I havent wrote a blog in a long time, since I had alot of work in scool and stuff like that. -.- Anyway...

    The first thing I would like to ask you is what you think about new massage wall? Well, I think it might be good, but at the same time annoying. I mean we already have Talk Pages and Blogs. And the thing that most annoys me, is that I get notification about every freakin wall post, even if it is not on my own wall... I think it was xKevin who said that this site is turning into something wery similar to Facebook, and I agree :)

    Oh, Inferno. The magnificant world full of magma, sulfur, coal and bones... Yes it is great. It would really be heaven... unless we wouldn't only have 1 f**kin worker! -.-

    This is stil…

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  • PokeyMookey

    Hey there... -.-

    Ok. This time, I'm not talking about Inferno or anything like that. This time, I prepared a little reminder to some of the BYM Wikia users. You know, about puting useless info on the Wiki and stuff?

    ``Oh My Gosh!!! Gorgo starts to grow fur on level 3!?!? Oh man, I have to put this info on the Backyard Monsters Wikia right away and let the other players know about this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT information!´´

    Recently I noticed alot of people who proboably are like that, considering that they put info like the one above onto this wiki. What the F**K is wrong with you??? You think you are smart for telling us that? You think WE can't look at the picture on the same freakin page and tell the same, or another bilion of useless info lik…

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  • PokeyMookey

    Hello guys!

    So! The BIG update has finally come, huh? It really is something, this Inferno thing :) I love the fact that something is actualy happening in the game after some long time without updates (if we forget about Wild Monster Invasion 2...).

    As you probably figured out yourself, Moloch has opened his portal to the undergroudnd on our yards. The building is called Inferno Cavern, and you will probably be able to find it on the upper left of your yard (if, of course, you have Town Hall level 5 or higher). As soon as you defeat the last of Moloches attacks, you will be able to attack his underground bases.

    There is 13 underground bases, and the level of towers, resource gatherers and all other building increses with going deeper undergro…

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