Hey all,

Since I took over the wiki, I've changed things and saw you guys take over these changes in a positive way. So, before I start, I'd like to thank all of you who have helped improving this wiki and undoing vandalism on pages. You all rock!

But, as you may have seen, I'm currently the only active admin around. I've decided to not hire new admins until things are settled with the other BYM wiki. There were plans to merge that one into this wiki, however, neither sides have taken active steps in this. Because both wikis contain a lot of information, there is no immediate pressure to merge, hence I've decided to fix this wiki's base first. And that's where you all step in!

Like mentioned earlier, I've taken over some code from the Dragon Age Wiki. This also includes some revamping of the forum section. I've not styled these to match the wiki just yet, hence they will still look dark. Apart from that however, the forum is up and running. In there, there is a section called Wiki Discussion. I'd like to invite you to add your suggestions and feature requests to this section. This way, your wishes will not go unnoticed and maybe some life will be blown into the forums as well this way.

So, are you missing something on the wiki? Pages, sections, explanations, roadsigns, you name it: go to the forum and let us know! One request though: keep it serious, we're not going to have a purple background with golden dots on it, so scrap that one off your list.

~ MHLut 13:10, July 14, 2011 (UTC)

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