Hello everyone!

I've just pushed through a new update of the Userbox template. The following changes have occurred:

  • Alliance field; add the name of your alliance to the box;
  • Platforms field; add the name(s) of the platforms you play the game on;
  • Changed champion field to work with the new template {{Champion}} (see below).

The new champion template

I found the current way of handling champions in the userbox a bit too complicated, so I've changed it. If you had a level one Drull, you first had to type 'Drull level 1'. Now, with the new Champion template, you would fill it like this:


Why have I changed this? Well, you can now easily change the name and level of your champion. Also, under normal circumstances, the template also adds the category '(Drull / Fomor / Gorgo) users' to your page. This way you can quickly find other people who use the same monster as you do. This feature can be turned off, but I will explain this later in the template's documentation, which will be added on Template:Champion. The documentation hasn't been written yet (will write it after this) so if it's not displaying yet, please be patient.

Hope you'll like the new features!

~ MHLut 13:03, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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