Hello all,

At this point you have probably noticed the changes on our main page. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am taking the portal codes from Dragon Age Wiki (with permission) and am still figuring part of the code out. Currently, because there is lots to do and there was lots to copy/paste from DA Wiki, you will find that the styling is a bit off on some points. That's because I have kept a lot of the old styling from DA Wiki, which is quite a dark styled wiki.

Right now, pretty much everything but styling is done. However, since the styling is the most difficult part (I am used to CSS as a web developer, only the code is different from how I'd written it, plus Wikia works differently compared to your average website), you will still run into weird looking wiki parts.

Because I'm constantly switching between BYM and DA wikis while editing the portal, I've become inspired by the works of the DA Wiki. Hence I have been making some small structural edits based on their structure, which I think is nicely worked out. For the styling, I actually want to go the other way around: go from DA to BYM style, but that will take some time. I like to experiment with the possibilities, so once again, you may run into things that seem a bit off.

Once the portal is done, I'll go back to my 'normal' routine of cleaning the wiki and blocking vandals. I'm thinking of creating a page in which you can report violated pages and / or violators, since I will have less time to go through Recent Wiki Activity. Also, I'd like more active editors around, so tell your BYM-playing friends about this wiki!

That's it for now, feel free to post feedback on my talk page or comment on this blog. Remember, keep the wiki clean for us all to enjoy!

~ MHLut 13:28, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

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