Dear readers,

Recently I posted an adoption request on the Wikia Community Central Adoption request page. Herein I requested to adopt this wiki because of the lack of active admins and because, in my opinion, I have been acting like an admin as much as I could already. If my request is granted, I'll be made an adminstrator of this wiki.

However, I can not be an administrator without your support. So I'd like to let you know what my plans for the wiki is, should I become an admin:

  • Major cleanup! Many pages, which are now on the deletion candidate list, will be deleted.
  • Reorganisation. The wiki will look more active and information will be easier to find.
  • More information. Together with the admins of, information from that wiki will be moved here, to create a solid merge.
  • Another admin. AdminTheSecond and DarkusAlpha from the previously mentioned wiki will join the team here, so we can shift a lot of work in a short time. If you are against one or both of them to become an admin, you may mention that on my talk page however. (If you promise to not join in any flame wars).

Before you cast your vote, I'd like to remember that I've been a very active user lately, so for more information about what I do, you can also take a look at my Contribution list.

Feel free to post your vote, comments, opinions, whatever-you-call-its as a comment on this blog post, this way the central Wikia staff will know wether you guys are ok with me adopting the wiki!

Thank you in advance!

~ MHLut 15:46, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. The original request and wikia response are included under this line:

My request:

I'd like to adopt the Backyard Monsters wiki. I've been trying to get administration rights there for a couple of weeks now, since I'm basically already maintaining as much as I can without those rights on this wiki. However, there seems to be no active administrator there while the wiki is in dire need of one.

Thank you for bringing this into consideration.

~ MHLut 11:54, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

The response:

MHLut -- your contributions look fine and you are eligible to adopt the wiki. However there appear to be a lot of active users on the wiki. Could you please make a blog post or other public discussion about your desire to adopt it? This will give the other active contributors a chance to comment on your request and make sure they are ok with it. Please give a link back here when you have done so. We'll check again in a week or so when people have had a chance to see your post. -- Wendy (talk)[1] 00:45, June 1, 2011 (UTC)

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