Hello everyone!

I've just created a first version of a monster info box template, which I called Monsterbox.

For now, this templates shows the main picture of a monster (the one used in-game), at which monster locker level it's unlocked, its favorite target and wether it attacks ground and air monsters. Since this is the first version, I can not guarantee it's working perfectly yet (or is complete). So, all your comments are welcome in this post!

I'll start with integrating the boxes on a couple of pages. Note that these boxes include all necessary categories into the page, there is no need for putting these in manually anymore, yay!

Once this template is working out, expect a building infobox (Buildingbox) as well.

Hope you'll like the new addition. :)

~ MHLut 20:53, September 26, 2011 (UTC)

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