Hello all,

Today I've been spamming the wiki activity list by doing some big housekeeping in the images section. There are loads of uncategorized images, which I've started to sort out. This I combine with the adding of monster and building specific categories. Once this is done, each monster and building will have its own category, which bears the name of the main page of previously mentioned subjects. This category will contain the main page, the tips subpage, a subcategory containing matching images and, if applicable, other relevant pages and / or subcategories.

Beside that, I've created the category User images and its subcategory Yard images. Yard images is meant for pictures of entire bases or Yard Planner base layout screenshots. The rest of user-specific image files (like personal pictures, cartoons etc.) should be placed inside User images. You can simply doing that by added a file to the desired category at the bottom of the file page.

So next time you upload an image file, please place it in the correct category. For example, would you upload an image of Fomor, place the picture inside Category:Fomor images. Note that, before you upload, you should check the future category of the image you want to upload to see wether the picture is already there, this prevents duplicate files.

~ MHLut 13:22, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Edit: I've decided to split the Yard images category. The original category has stayed, but all yard planner layouts have moved to Category:Yard Planner layouts.

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