Hello reader,

This time not a news message, but a personal blog post. Why? Well, I want to see wether those posts get read and... I'm feeling like writing it!

So why am I feeling like that? Euphoria! Misplaced perhaps, but nonetheless very satisfying. I'm quite a defensive player in the game, but there's this one guy who's been attacking me. It started out a long time ago, he attacked me sometimes and usually leveled my base. I never did much against it, rather than keep upgrading my walls. But then, maybe two months ago (I'm not sure, I have a horrible sense of time) I decided to put my D.A.V.E.s to good use and started farming his outposts, since his main yard is out of my reach.

Lucky for me, this person has a habit of not protecting his outposts. So, I think three weeks ago, after his resources had helped me upgrade my defenses and he sent me some half-baked private message, Mr. Niell decided to stop repairing his outposts and not attack me for a while.

But, the other day, when my housing was stocked with D.A.V.E.s, he leveled my base again. So, for the first time since I started playing the game (level 39 at that point) I decided to properly set up my base and spent about an hour stuck to my yard planner window (first and last time!). Since then, he has attacked me a couple of times, but never managed to destroy my town hall. Wether he ever intended to, I don't know, but after he attacked me three times and only got away with about 37k of goo, I felt like I'd struck him a blow he probably did not expect.

I know it's jinxing to type about this, since I've never properly tested my new layout and I have no idea how good a player he is (level 6 Drull, at least he's active). But I'm already preparing for and looking forward to the day I'll sweep his main yard until there's nothing left of it. Never thought attacking someone in an online game could be so much fun.

Ah well, enough of my talk. If you have read this, feel free to share your experiences on this via a comment.

Later all!

~ MHLut 22:25, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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