Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, I'm not around very often anymore. This is caused by RL time issues, me hardly playing the game anymore and achieving my goal for this wiki.

When I came on this wiki, it was a mess. I cleaned it as much as I could without administration rights. When I finally adopted the wiki, I deleted many pages, reorganized categories, integrated the portal system on the main page and added various templates.

I'm not saying that the wiki basis is set up, there are always things to streamline, templates to add, etcetera. I'm also not saying that I will leave the wiki. Requests for new features can still be made on my talk page and I will work on them. However, I will refrain from content editing unless it's purely for cleaning or reformatting reasons.

Since I don't want Kevin having to do everything on his own, I'm looking for new admins. If you seriously want to apply for this position or want more information, please read the (full!) page Backyard_Monsters_Wiki:Requests_for_adminship. Find all further instructions there.

I'm looking forward to your applications. Because I don't know many of the new users here, I'll ask Kevin to give his opinion on the applications.

I've been behind the scenes for a while now and I thought now was the time to make this official. I got the wiki to a point where the community could use and enjoy it again, which was my goal. Now I give the wiki back to you guys :)

See you around everyone!

~ MHLut 15:22, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

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