There are things different in Backyard Monsters than in reality. All these theories will be mentioned below.

Theories of Gravity

Backyard Monsters has less gravity compared to reality YET it seems as if there is more gravity (Quake Tower). Here are reasons why it is so.

  • When flinging monsters that are probably heavy, perhaps a group of D.A.V.E. and a Champion, the Flinger can withstand its weight for at most 10 hexes(in world map). And the Flingers components are wood, a bucket, etc.
  • The Turret shots(Sniper Tower , Cannon Tower and their Infernal Counterparts) dont seem to be slowing down that much (only a little slower) or even moving down a little due to gravity, meaning a small gravity force is pulling them down.

However Inferno is a different thing. Below is the theories of gravity in Inferno.

  • The Sharpshooter and Blast Tower shots are not slowing down that much.; but
  • The Quake Towers dont seem to shake the monsters nor knockback the monsters. Also applies in the Overworld.

Other Theories

These involve monsters and buildings.

  • The Pebble Shiner needs Twigs yet it looks like its made of stone.
  • The Twig Snapper needs Pebbles yet is made by Twigs (except for the tiny Guillotine at Level 10 and the added part in Level 6)
  • D.A.V.E. 's Rockets don't explode.
  • Grokus seems to be an octopus yet lives in Inferno. This applies to Octo-ooze as well except it lives in the Overworld.
  • Spurtz and Korath dont seem to be Burning the grass, because they are made of Fire and Hot Magma, respectively.
  • Tesla Tower shocks dont seem to electrocute the enemy.
  • Magma Towers dont seem to burn the enemy.
  • The Loot-o-Tron 5000 doesnt go up completely to be out of sight. Instead it goes up then fades.
  • It seems that Steel, Gold, and Black Diamond can be made with Twigs and Pebbles only.
  • Some Resources seem to come out of nowhere. The resources are:
    • Twigs
    • Pebbles
    • Bones
  • Sulfur seems to be made by clumping up sulfuric gas in Inferno, Putty seems to be a natural resource from Earth, but there is currently no proof how its made.
  • The possibilities of building things with Twigs, Pebbles, and Putty(or for Infernal Buildings, Bones, Coal, and Sulfur)
  • Eye-ra has chemical components that make it explode near walls, yet when there are no walls, it self-destructs near buildings.
  • D.A.V.E. made by Goo, even if he is a robot.
    • Also applies to its Rockets, which seem to be made from nothing.

Those are all theories I know for now. Please tell me theories you know and I did not put. Your comments are welcomed except for those vandals and trolls.

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