Alpha industries

We are currently hiring for the Alpha Industries. More game related than Drullkus Industries (they focus on photos/animating photos in the game) as we make Outpost Designs, make strategies, and judge the pros and cons of bases/Outposts!

Open Job Positions

Twigs-iconOutpost DesignersPebbles-icon

They create Outpost Designs for the wiki. You get to keep those Outposts also so its a win for both us and the other players.

Slots open: 10

Kozu Outpost Judgers Legionnaire Tribe

They judge the pros and cons.

Slots open: 1

D.A.V.E. RocketsStrategy Makers40px-Zafreeti

They make strategies for the wiki.

Slots open: 0

The Strategy Makers:

Tesla TowerBase DesignersTown Hall Level 10

They make Base Designs for the wiki (Infeno and Overworld)

Slots open: 7

The Base Designers

Krallen3 Facing youBase Judges Korath standing

Slots open: 3

They judge the bases which Base Designers made!

The Base Judges

Join these jobs for free!


You get gifts every day! (platform: Facebook)

You will be given new Outpost Designs 3 days before it officially is put in the wiki!

You are given strategies that are very useful!

Get help from fellow workers! (platform: Facebook)

You also get to improve the wiki!


You need to have attained 100+ edits/be a Minor Nuisance(100+ posts) rank in the BYM Kixeye Forums, be experienced at the game and you need to be at least level 35 to join this(Proof with photo)! Also know how to use source mode (especially photo-resize and etc.)! Also we (and you!) should not take all credit to any page we made! Also dont be anonymous and have no history of cheating badges and getting blocked/banned.

(For Strategy Makers, you must make a strategy every once in a while, and you know how to play the game well and have a history of destroying 2 player yards)

(For the Base Judges, you need to have a level 8 Town Hall, and know almost every single must-have for a base.)

We hire through your comments!

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