This week we will discuss about Korath.

About him

A balanced and overpowered Champion Monster, this monster can only be obtained in an event called Monster Madness and later on be released to the public in another event. This is the second champion to have abilities, the first being Fomor.

Pros and Cons


This Champion at any level can defeat any Champion, even a Flying Fomor. This is due to burn, an ability that is obtained free with Korath. Also he can easily deny pathing with weak walls (Wood, Stone, and Steel) and can eliminate great numbers of Crabatron with his Fist of Doom. (Crabatron Level 6: 4,800 Health, Korath at Level 5: 5,000 Damage) And because of its Breath of Fire, it can easily make a Fomor retreat, and can kill Zafreetis and Teratorns. In fact the only Champion who can defeat a Korath at Level 6 is another Korath at any level(Due to Burn). This monster also has a quick life recovering ability, taking 8 hours, 30 minutes at max.


Unfortunately not every player has him or his abilities. Also a Korath at Level 6 with all Bonuses can easily be defeated by another Korath at any level. Easily defeated if the bunker is filled with Eye-ras and you did not let them self-destruct.

Best against

  • Box Yards (Especially with Fist of Doom)
  • Any Champion
  • Sniper Towers (tanking)

(With Fist of Doom)

  • Bandito Bomb
  • Crabatron Bombs
  • Pathing
  • Death Traps

(With Breath of Fire)

  • Fomor
  • Aerial Attacks

Best for

  • Champion Sabotage (attacking)
  • Protecting from Monster Bombs (defending)
  • Planned attack (taking down walls)

Thanks for watching! This will be updated on Monday next week!</center>

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