Korath Alpha

aka Eternal Paradox

  • I live in the anomalies of the timeline (true area: Philippines)
  • My occupation is an alteration in spacetime and the founder of the Alpha Industries
  • I am a Korath armed with Rockets, Drills, and Spurtz Arms... and a male...
  • Korath Alpha

    There is an easy way to make going through the wiki easy! Here is how we do it:

    • Have you seen Ikk200's userpage? Those things in the sides are an example of what I am planning.
    • We do this via the Template. It would be really hard to do this page by page.
    • The navigation would be tough to make, but will be worth it.
    • You may also add the Series Nav (Another old idea) to the side navigation, only if you vote for it(comments). This will be represented only by an arrow.
    • The side navigation consist of boxes with monsters images/buildings images inside it. I will not do it on Recent Wiki Activity.
    • Also there will be a Help on Issue, which will direct you to Kixeye Support Page.
    • Home button will be added as well. Also we will put "Report Vandalism" and "P…
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  • Korath Alpha

    Will the wiki "die"?

    August 10, 2012 by Korath Alpha

    Yes you saw the title. Now why will the wiki "die" you ask? Perhaps these explanations will answer your question.

    • We have a few active administrators, and a little users.
    • Backyard Monsters explain itself, and you only need to read the content here once. Afterwards you are prepared.
    • Strategies? These can be found in the Kixeye forums.
    • Some admins quitting (MHLut, -xKevin-, and possibly me)

    These are just a few of the factors why the wiki is dying. We only have a short amount of time until this wiki falls to pieces. Note that 3 admins cannot keep a wiki going up well. To all anonymous contributors and users reading this, we need your help.

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  • Korath Alpha

    Especially for all signed in ones...

    No one is allowed to make a Discussion of a Week without permission from -xKevin- or me. If you have any concerns with the making of the Discussion of the Week, here it is:

    • We put a number in the title. Name your Discussion with the monster being discussed.


    Discussion of the Week 12: Drull

    • Please do not make your Discussion a day before or a day after Tuesday in Kixeye time.
    • No vulgar language.
    • No inappropriate language
    • No fake data
    • It should have pros and cons, how to use the monster well, etc.
    • Towers can be used, although you need to change what used to be "How to use the monster well" to how to defeat and proper placement.

    More rules coming soon.

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  • Korath Alpha

    Welcome to Discussion of the Week. In this week we will discuss about the Town Hall 10, how to defeat the improved towers, and more.

    Being one of the most overpowered updates, along with Korath, this building allows new features like 400 blocks, level 8 complex towers(Tesla, Railgn, ADT, Laser), level 5 Monster Bunkers and more Booby Traps and Heavy Traps. Being the most awaited update, it is somewhat the downfall of attacking.

    Always remember that absolutely no base can be undefeated. Look for any weak spots and fling in the right monsters.

    However with both Korath with all abilities and a fully developed base, that is truly an extremely difficult challenge. It is possible to defeat any base at any circumstances. Here are some bases and how …

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  • Korath Alpha

    We are currently hiring for the Alpha Industries. More game related than Drullkus Industries (they focus on photos/animating photos in the game) as we make Outpost Designs, make strategies, and judge the pros and cons of bases/Outposts!

    They create Outpost Designs for the wiki. You get to keep those Outposts also so its a win for both us and the other players.

    Slots open: 10

    They judge the pros and cons.

    Slots open: 1

    They make strategies for the wiki.

    Slots open: 0

    • Stupid project x
    • The DOG named JAKE
    • A job09

    They make Base Designs for the wiki (Infeno and Overworld)

    Slots open: 7

    • Kefkagarland

    Slots open: 3

    They judge the bases which Base Designers made!

    • Bhancox

    Join these jobs for free!

    You get gifts every day! (platform: Facebook)

    You will be given new Ou…

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