• Kefkagarland

    This is just a thoery...but what if all the events going on are because BYM will shut down?Facebook had receved event after event non stop.But on kongregate hackers are taking control...Is Kixeye afraid of more hackers ruining the game?Will they go so far as to shut down the attacking of other players and limit it to only tribes...Who knows.

    This has been Thoerys and wierd stuff considered come in Next Saturday for a new episode.

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  • Kefkagarland


    June 12, 2012 by Kefkagarland

    Note from Admin: If you want your glitch fixed, post on the Forums Post glitches you have found or expirienced in the comments.


    Please post real glitches and not fake ones.

    No expliotable glitches just post random and graphical glitches.

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