Hello To all users .....

I Just recently finished the event and i want to show you the result. If you want to get this decoration you must first accomplished the event 1-30 waves and the bonus wave(specially the Bonus wave).

The Golden Victory Totem is earned after the Bonus wave.

  • Victory Totem Lvl 1
  • Victory Totem Lvl 2
  • Victory Totem Lvl 3
  • Victory Totem Lvl 4
  • Golden Victory Totem

BONUS WAVE - consist of 1 fomor(lvl 6), 1 gorgo(lvl 6) 3 drulls(lvl 6) and a lot of D.A.V.E.'s and a lot monsters of course.

I always taught that i'm gonna get free shiny. :D


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