I was delighted this morning to see that the Kongregate version had been updated, and along with it comes the Moloch tribe and the Inferno. There really isn't much you can do to prepare for the first attack, but I will be ready for the next one (which should come on Tuesday if the schedule is the same as the Facebook version). Here's my strategy, from left to right:

  • Line of booby traps on the left side, Moloch's tribe will trigger them
  • Next comes my towers that are just bait, they are just there to slow down the advance, while they are fired upon (bottom to top)
    1. L1 Baiter
    2. General Store
    3. L1 Monster Lab
    4. L2 Hatchery
    5. L2 Hatchery
    6. L2 Monster Acadamy
    7. L3 Monster Locker
    8. L1 Map Room
    9. L2 Flinger
    10. L2 Hatchery
    11. L2 Hatchery
    12. Yard Planner
  • Next comes two blocks wide of a stone wall (still working on it), all of the time while getting fired upon
  • All of my defense towers (bottom to top)
    1. L3 Sniper
    2. L2 Cannon
    3. L2 Sniper
    4. L2 Cannon
    5. L3 Sniper
    6. L1 Cannon
    7. L1 TESLA
    8. L3 Cannon
    9. L3 Sniper
    10. L3 Cannon
    11. L3 Sniper F1
    12. L2 Cannon
    13. L1 Sniper
  • Finally, all of the towers that can get looted, plus my Housing and Town Hall (bottom to top)
    1. L3 Goo
    2. L4 Goo
    3. L3 Twig
    4. L3 Goo
    5. L3 Housing
    6. L3 Putty
    7. L4 Pebble
    8. L4 Goo
    9. L7 Pebble
    10. L4 Putty
    11. L6 Pebble
    12. L6 Storage
    13. L7 Storage F1
    14. My pride and joy - L5 Town Hall F1
    15. L7 Storage
    16. L6 Storage
    17. L3 Putty
    18. L6 Twig
    19. L6 Twig
    20. L7 Pebble
    21. L3 Housing
    22. L6 Twig
    23. L6 Putty
    24. L5 Pebble
    25. L6 Twig
    26. L5 Goo
    27. L4 Putty

That's all! Feel free to post a comment! I can't wait for Tuesday! Iggyvolz-4-13 AIggyvolz-4-13 B

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