Are you ever waiting to get enough resources, and want to know exactly how long it will take so that you can set a timer? I have set up an excel spreadsheet where you can put in:

  1. The amount you get per hour
  2. The amount you have now
  3. The amount needed per "project" (ex. building, upgrading, hatching monsters)
  4. The number of "projects" you are going to do

And it will return to you:

  1. The total amount you need for all "projects" (not counting what you have now)
  2. The remaining amount you need for all "projects" (counting what you have now)
  3. The numbers of hours, minutes, and seconds until you have enough resources

It is avaliable for download from RapidShare. Put any suggestions in the comments below! Iggyvolz 22:35, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

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