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    New unnamed event released

    February 24, 2013 by Iggyvolz

    There is a new event coming out in March [1]. Responding to a post saying Backyard Monsters was dying, David Scott (Co-Founder of KIXEYE) responded:

    So, what should we call this event, in terms of a page?

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    See right side. This pic was taken on Kong while game was loading. I had seen it a few times before, but couldn't get to the print screen button in time.

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    I recently leveled up to Level 33 overground, so since it was suggested that different levels correspond to different ratios of mushrooms, here's what I have so far:

    Mushroom Type Times Picked Shiny recieved Average Shiny per Mushroom Average $ per mushroom*
    Single 6 6 1 0.01
    Double 7 6 0.86 0.0086
    Both 13 12 0.92 0.0092
    - using 1 Kred = 10 shiny and 1 Kred = 10 cents, so 10 shiny = 10 cents and 1 shiny = 1 cent

    Some facts from the first round:

    1. Each mushroom picked is worth an average about 1 cent or 1 Kred
    2. Neither mushroom showed a huge advantage over the other
    3. On average, a yard with all 20 mushrooms has 20 cents laying around.
    4. You earn, on average, 1 cent per day
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    Shiny Experiment

    July 10, 2012 by Iggyvolz

    Since I don't believe in paying to get advantages in games, I have to earn Shiny the free way - picking mushrooms. However, I have noticed over my experience with the game, that the amount of Shiny from mushrooms tends to be none, being less likely for 3, and even less likely for getting 8 shiny. I want to know how often the average person can expect to get 3 or 8 shiny. This is why, over the next few weeks, I will embark on the "Shiny Experiment". I will document every mushroom I pick. Then, I will calculate the average shiny from each mushroom. From there, I can calculate the average shiny per day, average per month, and average per year, as well as how long it takes to earn certain items in the store.

    Current Results:…

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    Moloch Battle Strategy

    April 14, 2012 by Iggyvolz

    I was delighted this morning to see that the Kongregate version had been updated, and along with it comes the Moloch tribe and the Inferno. There really isn't much you can do to prepare for the first attack, but I will be ready for the next one (which should come on Tuesday if the schedule is the same as the Facebook version). Here's my strategy, from left to right:

    • Line of booby traps on the left side, Moloch's tribe will trigger them
    • Next comes my towers that are just bait, they are just there to slow down the advance, while they are fired upon (bottom to top)
      1. L1 Baiter
      2. General Store
      3. L1 Monster Lab
      4. L2 Hatchery
      5. L2 Hatchery
      6. L2 Monster Acadamy
      7. L3 Monster Locker
      8. L1 Map Room
      9. L2 Flinger
      10. L2 Hatchery
      11. L2 Hatchery
      12. Yard Planner
    • Next comes two blocks wide of a s…
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