All buildings underground in under hall level 2 Diction Tai 03:22, January 14, 2012 (UTC) and Renew at Diction Tai 13:36, January 17, 2012 (UTC), plus magma tower on Diction Tai 14:10, January 21, 2012 (UTC), and quake yower on Diction Tai 02:54, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

Underground Buildings
Name Cost (all)


Build Time
Strong Box Strong_Box
1800 Bone,2300 Coal Unlock Monster Invasion 2 monster 10 minutes
Bone Crusher Bone_Cruncher
750 Coal Get bone to be use as a construct material 15 seconds
Habitat Compound
2160 Bone and Coal To keep the WM2 monsters and the monsters will attack 5 minutes
Under Hall Underhall
Initially given Same with the town hall Initially given
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
1500 Bone,2000 Coal,500 Sulfur Long-range tower,but only can attack 1 monster in same time 30 seconds
Blast Tower Blast_Tower
2000 Bone,1500 Coal,500 Sulfur Short-range tower but can do splash damage 30 seconds
Coal Extractor Coal_Extractor
750 Bone Get coal to be use as a construct material 15 seconds
Sulfur Swirler Sulfur_Swirler
525 Bone,224 Coal Get sulfur to discover the new monsters 20 seconds
Resource Pod Resource_Pod
3010 Bone,1855 Coal To store bone,coal,sulfer and magma 20 minutes
Magma Pump Magma_Pump
246 Bone,577 Coal Get magma to create monster 20 seconds
Incubator Incubator
2000 Bone,2000 Coal Converts magma into monsters 15 minutes
Magma Tower Magma_Tower
187500 Bone,250000 Coal,62500 Suffer Fires bursts of molten rock that do massive damage 5 hours
Quake Tower Quake_Tower
312500 Bone,187500 Coal,125000 Suffer Creates an earthquake that does damage to all monsters in a certain area 5 hours

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