• DaCarrotMan

    DaCarrot's idea

    May 21, 2012 by DaCarrotMan
    1. Silos: Silos can be an important part of your yard. You need to have these protected but not overprotected as in putting 5 sniper towers around thembeacuase that just about uses all the sniper towers you can make with a level 3-4 th . Protect them with a wall and 2 or 3 defensive weapons depending on the occasion. Do not upgrade to as much as you can during the starter protection or also known as the grace period. 3 through 5 silos should be enough with an 300k cap. DO NOT use shiny trying to upgrade these,it would be a waste and your grace period is 7 day, so you have plenty of time to get things settled in and put into place.
    2. Weaponry/other defences : Weaponry is a must-have to sucsefully defend your yard from future battles and etc. You …
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