Google+ max glitch

The Google+ max glitch is a glitch where every item in the player's yard goes to its maximum level. This includes unlocking every monster (assuming the Monster Locker was built), upgrading every monster to level 6 (assuming that a Monster Academy was built) and upgrading the Town Hall to level 10. This also includes fortifying everything that can be fortified to level 4 fortification and the player's Map Room will be upgraded to level 2. This greatly increased the number of servers on Google+. There are several servers consisting of people that were new to Backyard Monsters. The max glitch won't happen just once; it will happen several times. Sometimes, it will give the player increased Shiny as well. Some think that the reason for this may be the fact that Kixeye does not own Backyard Monsters on Google+. A company called Viximo does. Some think that Viximo was messing with the game and this happened. While some people enjoy the benefits, it is highly reccomended that you do NOT play Backyard Monsters on Google+. It is not certain if there are any other websites that have this glitch.

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