Players on Google+, Gaia, Yahoo & Others - Come join us on Facebook!

Unfortunately, Backyard Monsters will no longer be supported on sites other than Facebook and Kongregate starting 7/16/2012. We value truly value our players and invite you to play Backyard Monsters on Facebook.

If you play BYM on other sites (listed below), we can help you move to Facebook by compensating you for the time and effort you've put into the game. Please contact KIXEYE Customer Support with your name, email and game account number: and we'll get your Yard up to speed in no time.

Here's a list of some of the features exclusive to Backyard Monsters on Facebook:

Inferno - Build an Inferno Yard and raise hellish Monsters to slaughter your enemies
Champion Monsters - Level your enemy's Yard with the power of these specialty Monsters
Yard Planner 2 - An easier way to plan out your Yard, check your defenses and save multiple Yard Templates
Hunt for Krallen - compete for loot with players in your World and win this Champion Monster

Thanks for playing!

BYM Closing on these sites 7/16/2012
Bebo, Gaia Online, Google+, IMVU, Orkut, Quepasa, SchuelerVZ, Spielweise, StudiVZ, Tuenti, Yahoo, Z0rpia

-Kixeye CM V2

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