1. Starter kits come pre-built when purchased using shiny: No more waiting (same great price!)

2. Putty Rage nerfed: Still great but not 100% invulnerability.

3. Zafreeti healing nerfed!

4. DP triggers lowered slightly

5. Inferno Underhall can now be upgraded to level 6: Giving you more infernal resource storage underground

6. Lots of UI changes to the Chaos Weapons to make it clearer how to use them.

Reasons for changes:

Backyard Monsters, as with any strategy game, always has had flaws in balance that need to be corrected over time. In our judgment, tactics that amount to an "easy mode" where an attacker can roll over even the most effectively defended players are not desirable in any game, and in Backyard Monsters there were two very easily recognizable candidates for a tweak: 10 million putty rage (which becomes even more imbalanced in the world map, where large empires can potentially throw several of them every day without blinking an eye), and Zafreetis combined with any monster with high health that could not be killed faster than the Zafreeti could heal it.

In order to make it easier to defend bases and to encourage greater diversity in attacking strategies, both of these were easy decisions to nerf. This will allow for a greater abundance of player methods on both offense and defense, and we feel this can only be a good thing for a strategy game such as ours. For too long, true success in base defense had become next to impossible and could only be measured in terms like "I made you spend 4 times as much resources as you looted". However, to a large empire that has his enemy outnumbered 50 to 1, this is a very acceptable rate of exchange, and giving the little guy a chance to defend himself well with an excellent base design isn't a bad thing.

Bugs fixed:

Some WIld Monster Attacks in Inferno don't stop attacking until your base is fully destroyed. Above ground there is some sort of limit of damage a Wild Monster attack can do but there doesn't seem to be any restrictions in Inferno.

Players should get xp for auto-banked resources at same rate as main yard resources.

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