Yo, yo, yo! Welcome to the first BIOSPARK22 blog post! 'Grats to come over here 'n close in on some good-better-bingo things! Checki-checkit out TIP one: What To Do With Your Town Hall And Harvesters.

Check it: Let's Shimmy To The Town Hall

So, first build-Town Hall. It's all the glory of your yard, right there, everyone has one (I wouldn't see why not). Using these memorials will gave you a building glory, literally. It's pricey to upgrade, but it works well, consedering all the cool stuff. Try to place it dead center, with Blocks or Defense Towers like Snipers or Cannons... anyone will do.

Town Halls: The Up 'n Up 'n Up

All puns aside, upgrading your Town Hall will give you a staggering increase of things to do, and the more fun you'll have. Let's dig in, shall we?

Keeps Gettin' More, More, and When There's Apparently No More... THERE'S MORE!

When you upgrade your Town Hall, here's something (not-so) obvious. You can get more stuff! This is the KEY to unlock the fun and become a champion. This is only one staggeringly cool thing, so check what you can do before you go up n' up n' up!

Check it 2: Source? ALL R HARVEST BELONG TO US

Now, we got the blocks of the yard. Your main scupting tools. Your harvesting buidings. What Do Them Do?

Huts of Twigs

Twig Snappers shred twigs to pieces to use for building. This makes EVERYTHING! Almost... except for itself. Twigs only are also used to build and upgrade Pebble Shiners. What do they do?

Stone Cold Glory

Pebble Shiners clean pebbes to use for constructing. This almost always accompanies Twigs with building, but only solo if creating and upgrading Twig Snappers. This next one may suprise you...

If It's Stretchy And Pink...

Putty is the next resource, which Putty Squishers crumble into bits for a little constructing, but mostly to unlock, train, and maybe research monsters (give them new abilities). Putty is a helpful resource, so don't let it go to waste.

This Is Just Slimy

Goo Factories concoct goo, which is the last resource to use. This green slime can be used in Hatcheries to make monsters to do your bidding... they'll even fight, be fed, or be juiced for you! Goo is also an important resource, so let it overload if you want.

Well, that's it for this time! Tune the station in for some more juicy details for a solid base. 'Til next time, see ya!

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