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  • I am Hamburgers (male)
  • Biospark22

    BioBase: Tip 1

    July 6, 2012 by Biospark22

    Yo, yo, yo! Welcome to the first BIOSPARK22 blog post! 'Grats to come over here 'n close in on some good-better-bingo things! Checki-checkit out TIP one: What To Do With Your Town Hall And Harvesters.

    So, first build-Town Hall. It's all the glory of your yard, right there, everyone has one (I wouldn't see why not). Using these memorials will gave you a building glory, literally. It's pricey to upgrade, but it works well, consedering all the cool stuff. Try to place it dead center, with Blocks or Defense Towers like Snipers or Cannons... anyone will do.

    All puns aside, upgrading your Town Hall will give you a staggering increase of things to do, and the more fun you'll have. Let's dig in, shall we?

    When you upgrade your Town Hall, here's someā€¦

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