Okay. I'm not a good Blog writer. To be honest im just doing this for the achievment but doing that would make me feel like an *sshole. So im going to tell you what happened to me yesterday and today.

Yesterday (17th of June to be exact)

Okay, this was a painful day. It got me a day off school, but seriously, god damn it hurt. I went to the doctors to get my verucas (yes i have them) burned. (no not a flamethrower, freeze-burn.) My feet still hurt today. They put a cotton bud thing on my verucas, and god damn, it stung. I later found out that they were using liquid nitrogen and the tempurate of it was -200C. I was shouting my *ss off on the way back. That's pretty much all I have to say.

Today (18th of June to be exact)

Not much happened today, except for two things, both equal in importance. (well, not really)

1. I got Zelda:OoT for 3ds.

2. I managed to make the 100th page on here. Guess what it was? A F**king Peace Flag.

That's bascially it.

Okay, maybe I will write another blog and maybe I won't.


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