'We all love the Inferno region and the importent roll it plays. It mirrors the upper backyard monsters world with an underhall,resource pods, and bone,coal,sulfer,and lava. Getting an Inferno was an important accomplishment,getting me back in the game after my 3 week visit with my dad.I was a level 29 when I left, and so were my neighbors,but when i got back, they were all 36's

  • inferno lets you unlock new champions
    Korath L6
  • inferno lets you start somthing new in backyard monsters without starting a new account
  • Inferno is just fun
Inferno Cavern
Krallen3 Facing you

Krallen with possibly another ability looking straight at you.

Valgos Cave

And thats why I love inferno and i hope you do to.

' '

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