• Bigbangtacos

    inferno region

    August 27, 2012 by Bigbangtacos

    'We all love the Inferno region and the importent roll it plays. It mirrors the upper backyard monsters world with an underhall,resource pods, and bone,coal,sulfer,and lava. Getting an Inferno was an important accomplishment,getting me back in the game after my 3 week visit with my dad.I was a level 29 when I left, and so were my neighbors,but when i got back, they were all 36's

    • inferno lets you unlock new champions
    • inferno lets you start somthing new in backyard monsters without starting a new account
    • Inferno is just fun

    And thats why I love inferno and i hope you do to.

    ' '

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  • Bigbangtacos

    tacos corner

    August 10, 2012 by Bigbangtacos



    this wiki is dieing because

    of the fact that all the admins are resigning,

    and the fact there is a shortage of users.


    you cant keep a successfull wiki up with three admins.

    i am not an admin, i just want this wiki to stay alive.

    • admins are quitting
    • shortage of users
    • lack of need for the wiki


    Submit ideas today

    p.s if you disagree with me, leave a comment on my message wall. this blog is to discuss the problem and pool ideas to solve it

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