Well if theres one thing I like to do, it's EPICALLY RAMPAGE A BASE WITH 100+ POKEYS!!! Yes you heard me, 100+ pokeys! One day I was thinking about pokeys, and how bad and pointless they are, and how the game says they are good in groups, so i made 125 pokeys all lvl3 with a lvl 2 formor, and i rampaged a lvl 32 base, and I actually WON! I know it sounds Physco, but it's true. Okay, Maybe it didn't have black diamond walls with lvl 3 railguns and D.A.V.E.'s in the bunkers with a lvl 6 korath, but it was pretty tough i'll tell you. This may not work if your lvl 35+, since that's when the competion gets better, but if your lower than lvl 40, You can at least deal some damage. For this you should have to have at least 3 housings, all lvl 4+, pokey lvl 3+, a lvl 4+ flinger, and a whole lot of goo. When you are attacking, be sure to launch your pokeys at the weakest spot in there base. If it looks too weak, send out a few pokeys to check if it's booby trap free, just in case. The only way to get good results when your lvl 35+ and under lvl 40, is to have a lvl 4+ formor to provide buff to your pokeys. If you want to deal alot of damage, you can use a catapult to help destroy the defensive buildings. Comment if you see bad results, and thank you for reading. See you next time!

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