• B.Y.M GaMeR

    about B.Y.M GaMeR

    June 24, 2012 by B.Y.M GaMeR

    TBH i am really good at backyard monsters. I have a good yard design and high level of sniper towers ect.I am level 43 and have all the monsters unlocked and leveled up to 5.I have 18 outposts and all are the mega kit. I think the best thing about Backyard monsters is all the new champians.

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  • B.Y.M GaMeR

    level 10 town hall

    June 23, 2012 by B.Y.M GaMeR

    every time i see a new town hall upgrade i will upgrade it. Correct me if im wrong but this one was 24,000 putty,pebbles,twigs. Every time there is a upgrade it makes it bigger and better and a better design. there has been a big improvment of the game backyard monsters with all the new monsters (vorg, slimeattikus, krallen, Inferno).I think there will be many more town halls and i cant wait.In my backyard monsters i am level 43 and have 18 outposts.i am signing of now but stay tune for my next blog.

    B.Y.M Gamer :)

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