I just added Korath support to the {{champion}} templete, and therefore now Korath can be used in your userbox! Simply add {{Champion|Korath|''level''}} to the|champion section of your userbox to see Korath appear!

For example: {{Userbox |gender = {{gender|m}} |country = Country |level = 38 |server = Pinoy |alliance = Thrill Kill Society |main_yard = 1x1 |outposts = 1000 |platforms = Facebook |champion = {{Champion|Korath|6}} }}


User info
Gender Male 50px-Mars symbol.svg
Country Country
Level 38
Server Pinoy
Alliance The Alliance
Main Yard  ?x?
No. outposts 1000
Platform(s) Facebook
Korath 6

Along with this the template {{Mon-icon}} is also updated to support Vorg, Slimeattikus and Korath.

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